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    Eligio Meléndez


    Eligio Meléndez


    Eligio Meléndez is a Mexican film, theater and television director and actor, born on June 20, 1950, in Mexico City. He studied at the Andrés Soler Acting Institute, with the renowned Luis Gimeno, Carlos Ancira, Miguel Círcega and Soledad Ruíz as teachers. One of the most recognized personalities in theater, the actor has participated in more than 30 works, including The Flower of the Heart, Borges with Music, The Enchanted Mirror, The Old Men, Trufaldino Servant of Two Patrons, Mexican Entremeses, Mexico Pachuco, Soldado Razo, among others. In film, Eligio made his debut in the film Perseguida (1991), and then built an interesting and lucrative career with roles in films such as The Colonel Doesn't Have Anyone Write to Him (1999), In the Country of Nothing Happens (2000), for which that he would receive his first Ariel nomination; Perfume of violets (2001), Amar te duele (2002), Curandero (2005), The last one and we leave (2009), Hidalgo – The untold story (2010), Yerbamala (2014) and Dream in another language (2017) , for which he was nominated, for the second time, for an Ariel award.

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    Eligio Meléndez

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