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    Sana Fey


    She was born in California and took up ballet dancing at the age of three. When she was eight, her family moved to Colorado. She continued ballet dancing there and began dancing with the Colorado State Ballet. She eventually moved back to California. She attended Catholic school, then worked as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer after graduating from high school. Her exotic dancing career began when she found herself strapped for cash and decided to apply as a dancer in a topless bar. Some time later, while partying with friends in front of the very same bar, a local producer approached her and referred her to an agent in Los Angeles. She would eventually be introduced to the adult-film industry by Mike South. She became romantically involved with adult-film actor/writer/director David Christopher in early 1999. They were due to marry by June 17th, but separated in late 2000. She retired from the adult-film industry in the spring of 2002.

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    Sana Fey

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